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The AP State Forensic Science Laboratory was established in November 1974 by merger of the scientific section of CID of Police Department and Chemical Examiner unit of Medical and Health Department. Initially there were only six sections, namely Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Physics and Toxicology.
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Scientific Investigation Team
Crime scene is the fountain head of various forms of evidence, and such evidence must be collected at the earliest possible time as otherwise the evidence will be lost contaminated or altered. And it may not be found at all for the second or subsequent visits. The main purpose of this team is to reach the scene of crime immediately after report and undertake all steps for crime scene processing which include protecting, recording, sketching crime scene and thereafter search, identify and collect all available evidence. Apart from these permanent team members the services of Explosive experts, Ballistic experts and Medical expert etc. will be available whenever needed as stand by. The most important feature which helps the Investigating Officer in further investigation is availability of spot test kits for preliminary analysis of commonly encountered evidence materials such as blood, paint, narcotics, explosives, cloth, gunshot residue, ink, paper, dyes etc.

Since the criminals are becoming more and more smarter, even if they don't leave any visible, perceivable clues at scene of crime the invisible and hitherto improbable to lift/collect clues like fingerprints, tool marks, fibres, stains and other microscopic evidence can be easily searched, located, identified and linked with the criminal with the help of these state-of-art imported equipment is available with these teams.
Director's Message
Smt.Sharada Avadhanam M.Sc,M.A,
As all of you, I am also Interested in Forensic Science right from my childhood. The word "Forensic" is derived from a latin word "Forensis" which means belonging to courts of justice. Forensic Science broadly means application of scientific principles and techniques in the administration of justice.

The Judiciary enough evidence to convict the suspect.
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