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The AP State Forensic Science Laboratory was established in November 1974 by merger of the scientific section of CID of Police Department and Chemical Examiner unit of Medical and Health Department. Initially there were only six sections, namely Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Physics and Toxicology.
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Police Department, Govt of Andhra Pradesh.

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While Clues teams of APFSL located in all the city & the district head quarters all over to collect all possible clues from crime scene, people like you who may have knowledge about the incident such as who commited a particular crime, how, when & where it was committed may provide better leads for detection of crime. This column will give an oppurtunity for you to help us in detection of crime and there by share the responsibility and duty as a citizen for fellow citizens. your information given in these columns will be kept absolutely confidential. Good luck & Thank You.
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Smt.Sharada Avadhanam M.Sc,M.A,
As all of you, I am also Interested in Forensic Science right from my childhood. The word "Forensic" is derived from a latin word "Forensis" which means belonging to courts of justice. Forensic Science broadly means application of scientific principles and techniques in the administration of justice.

The Judiciary enough evidence to convict the suspect.
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