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The AP State Forensic Science Laboratory was established in November 1974 by merger of the scientific section of CID of Police Department and Chemical Examiner unit of Medical and Health Department. Initially there were only six sections, namely Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Physics and Toxicology.
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About Forensic Science
Most crimes leave behind traces of 'silent evidence'. Yes, traces of materials known as physical evidence, found at the scene of crime act as potent clues that become the most eloquent witnesses. Thanks to thetremendous strides made in technology, today's scientists have a wealth of technological gadgets and tools that can help us turn these clues into powerful witnesses. Today's forensic scientists use the most sophisticated technological equipment to unravel the mysteries from even subatomic articles or micro cells like DNA.

Anything to everything that is conspicuously absent or present in/on/near the victim/suspect/crime scene, surrounding area, neighbourhood, etc., and even dust, pollen, bloodstain, bullet, glass, paint, hair and ash serve as 'silent speakers' of truth. These very materials can become valuable pieces of evidence in the hands of forensic scientists who seek truth and nothing but truth.

Forensic Science is the science that deals with analysis of physical evidence collected from all possible sources criminal and victim are associated with.

Forensic Scientists are the scientific experts engaged in extensive scientific investigation who perform crucial tasks with their technical expertise, experience and skills using the best scientific techniques to tie the loose ends in order to link the crime with the criminal.

Like picking up bits and pieces of flesh from the crime scene to check DNA compatibility, matching skulls with faces, deciphering invisible traces of writings from age old documents - the list is endless.

As true seekers of truth, these technical sleuths have certainly come a long way from the so-called 'magnifying glass combing operations' of Sherlock Holmes to the modern day's most powerful Scanning Electron Microscope which can magnify even the tiniest object of the size .0000001 cms up to 2,00,000 times.
Director's Message
Smt.Sharada Avadhanam M.Sc,M.A,
As all of you, I am also Interested in Forensic Science right from my childhood. The word "Forensic" is derived from a latin word "Forensis" which means belonging to courts of justice. Forensic Science broadly means application of scientific principles and techniques in the administration of justice.

The Judiciary enough evidence to convict the suspect.
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