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The AP State Forensic Science Laboratory was established in November 1974 by merger of the scientific section of CID of Police Department and Chemical Examiner unit of Medical and Health Department. Initially there were only six sections, namely Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Physics and Toxicology.
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People commit crimes invariably by using tools or things or weapons. In the process they interact with various physical things besides use of physical force in the form of bodily force or weapons. The Physical things involved in the process of committing crime can be a vehicle to reach the scene of crime, shoes for walking into the place, crowbar for bending the window bar, rope for tying the neck, knife for stabbing, stone for crushing,
revolver for shooting, poison for killing, pen for forging, and bodily force for committing other crimes against personsand propertysuch as rape, murder, burglaryetc. In the process, the criminal leaves marks such as fingerprint, foot prints, blood, seminal stains, saliva stains, fibers, tool marks etc., at the crime scene besides leaving behind minute bits of evidence at the crime scene, on the victim and on himself or herself.

However careful a criminal may be to avoid being seen or heard, he will inevitably defeat his purpose unless he can also control his every act and movement so as to prevent mutual contamination with his environment. Wherever he steps, whatever he touches, whatever he leaves even unconsciously will serve as silent evidence against him. However careful and conscious he may be avoiding leaving signs and traces of his presence or actions and whatever precautions he may take in destroying the evidence of his presence, he is bound to commit mistakes inadvertently which will stand against him.
But location of all such minute bits of evidence which may sometimes be invisible or partially visible is difficult to accomplish for the Investigation Officers without appropriate tools for identification, lifting and collection. But the fact remains that there do exist some interactive evidence all through the space the perpetrator traverses.
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Smt.Sharada Avadhanam M.Sc,M.A,
As all of you, I am also Interested in Forensic Science right from my childhood. The word "Forensic" is derived from a latin word "Forensis" which means belonging to courts of justice. Forensic Science broadly means application of scientific principles and techniques in the administration of justice.

The Judiciary enough evidence to convict the suspect.
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