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The AP State Forensic Science Laboratory was established in November 1974 by merger of the scientific section of CID of Police Department and Chemical Examiner unit of Medical and Health Department. Initially there were only six sections, namely Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Physics and Toxicology.
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Check List
S.No Section APFSL Type of Physical Evidence Type of Crime
1. Biology
Hair, Fibres, Diatoms, Tobacco products other plant materials like Pollen, Leaves, Wood, Seeds, Fruits, Flowers etc and insects such as Maggot, Files.
Rape, Murder, Sucide, Drowning, Cheating
2. Bio-Medical
Skull, Skeletal remains, skin and Tissues, photograph
Suicide, Murder.
3. DNA
Liquid blood, Bloodstains & Swabs, Semen, Seminal Stains & Swabs, Tissues, Bone, Hair, Teeth, Saliva, Skeletal remains.
Rape, Murder, Disputed paternity, Swapping of new born babies.
4. Serology
Blood, Semen, Saliva, Other body fluids, Skin tissues etc.
Rape, Murder, Assault.
5. Chemistry
Adulterated Petrol, High speed diesel, lubricating oils etc, Detergents, Cosmetics, Cement etc., Explosive materials, Arson & Fire residues. Acid burning residues, unknown chemicals, remnants of Mechanical Explosions, Chemical Explosions.
Explosive cases, Accidents, Arson, Acid Burning, Burning Cases.
6. Narcotics
Plants and plant products containing Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, Adulterated Liquor, Adulterated toddy.
Cheating, NDPS Act cases, Central Excise cases.
7. Toxicology
Poisonous substances, Drugs, Intoxicating Substances like Alcohol.
Suicide, Murder, Accident.
8. Computer Forensics
Software, Hardware, Computer Peripherals, Communication devices, Computer Products related materials such as computer Fake currency, Pornography, Software piracy, Unauthorized Reproduction.
Suicide, Murder, Accident.
9. Documents
Handwritings, Erasures, Obliteration's, Alterations, Over writings, Secret writings etc., Typewriting, Fax, Carbon Copies, Xerox Copies.
Cheating, Forgery misappropiation, Murder, Suicide, Scams, Frauds.
10. Polygraph - Lie Director
Suspects, witness or Complainants
Burglary,Dacoity, Theft, Arson, Murder, White collar offences.
11. Ballistics
Firearms, Parts of firearms, Catridge cases, Bullets, pellets/wards, clothes and other materials affected by firing.
Murder, Assault, Suicide, Attempt to Murder Dacoity.
12. Physics
Glass Pieces and fragments, paint flakes, chips and smears, Foot prints, tyre impressions, Tool marks, Counterfeit currency, Erased numbers on vehicles and other valuable gadgets, Spurious articles, Voice analysis.
Cheating, Burglary Accident, Murder, Hit and Run cases.
13. Forensic Engineering
Materials recovered in substandard construction of buildings, roads, dams & Road, Train or Air Accidents, Failures of machines and structures.
Fraud, Misappropriation, Negligence, Cheating.
Director's Message
Smt.Sharada Avadhanam M.Sc,M.A,
As all of you, I am also Interested in Forensic Science right from my childhood. The word "Forensic" is derived from a latin word "Forensis" which means belonging to courts of justice. Forensic Science broadly means application of scientific principles and techniques in the administration of justice.

The Judiciary enough evidence to convict the suspect.
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